Group Executives

  • Bo Annvik | President and Chief Executive Officer

    Born 1965.
    President of Special Products business area.
    Employed since 2017.
    Education: M.Sc. Business and Economics
    Previous experience: CEO of Haldex. Leading positions within Volvo Cars, SKF and Outokumpu.
    Number of shares: 0
    Number of warrants: 140,000

  • Jan Öhman | Chief Financial Officer

    Born 1960.
    Employed since 2014.
    Education: Senior High School, Business Economics.
    Previous experience: CFO of Sandvik Venture, CFO and Vice President of Sandvik Materials Technology, General Manager Boliden Aitik Mining Operation
    Number of shares: 10,000
    Number of warrants: 24,000

  • Claes Hjalmarson | Head of Business Development

    Born 1954.
    Employed since 1984.
    Education: B.Sc. Econ. 
    Previous experience: Controller Colly group, Controller G A Lindberg group, Accountant Ernst & Young
    Number of shares: 12,600
    Number of warrants: 12,000

  • Susann Nyberg | Head of Group Finance

    Born 1963.
    Employed since 2015.
    Education: M. sc. Business Administration and Economics. 
    Previous experience: Group controller Addtech, Management Consultant KPMG, Financial Manager Telia, Controller SKF
    Number of shares:  5,938
    Number of warrants: 12,000

  • Juha Kujala | President Indutrade Engineering & Equipment business area

    Born 1967.
    President of Kontram Oy.
    Employed since 2006. 
    Education: eMBA, University of Technology, Tampere, B.Sc. Tech.
    Previous experience: President Kontram Oy, President Maansähkö Oy, COO and Sales Director Kontram Oy, Export Manager Kalmar Industries Oy.
    Number of shares: 5,760
    Number of warrants: 12,000

  • Peter Eriksson | President Indutrade Flow Technology business area

    Born 1953.
    Employed since 1995. 
    Education: Tech. College Engineer, B.Sc. in Market Economics, IFL.
    Previous experience: President and Partner Alnab, Sales Manager Alnab.
    Number of shares: 44,150
    Number of warrants: 12,000 

  • Göte Mattsson | President Fluids & Mechanical Solutions business area

    Born 1955.
    President of AB Indutri Belos.
    Employed since 1999.
    Education: B. sc. Econ., Management Training.  
    Previous experience: President and Partner Industri Belos, President J Sörling, Group Controller Transventor Group, President Parator. 
    Number of shares:  16,200
    Number of warrants: 24,000

  • Patrik Stolpe | President Measurement & Sensor Technology business area

    Born 1965.
    Employed since 2015.
    Education: B. sc. Electronics, Industrial Marketing.  
    Previous experience: Global Segment Manager Xylem, President and CEO Lorentzen & Wettre
    Number of shares:  5,521
    Number of warrants: 12,000

  • Joakim Skantze | President Industrial Components Business Area

    Born 1967.
    President Colly Company AB.
    Employed since 2016.
    Education: M. Sc. Electronics, studies in economics and management.
    Previous experience: Venture Manager Traction, President Gnosjö Plast, Business Area manager and partner Schneidler Grafiska, Senior consultant Accenture.
    Number of shares: 0
    Number of warrants: 12,000