Indutrade as an investment

Indutrade is an industrial Group with sustainable growth, an attractive market position and a low-risk profile. The Group has a long history of stable profitability and strong cash flow. The organization is characterised by a strong culture and solid technical expertise. Indutrade’s business model is attractive and provides a favorable long-term total return.

Sustainable Growth

  • Average annual sales growth of 12% since IPO 2005
  • 448% total shareholder return including reinvested dividends the past decade
  • History of successful acquisitions
  • Opportunities to broaden product offering, increase value added and expand geographically

Attractive Market Position and Risk Profile

  • Leading position in selected niches
  • Focus on high quality and technically advanced products for repetitive needs
  • Diversified and stable customer base
  • Stable long-term relationships with leading suppliers
  • Low dependence on single suppliers

Stable Profitability and Strong Cash Flow

  • History of stable profitability
    • Average EBITA margin of 11.5% during the last five years

    • Average ROOC of 22% during the last five years

  • Strong operative cash-flow over time
  • High dividend payout ratio, 48of net profit during the last five years

  • Equity was 40% at the end of 2015

Strong Culture and Know-how

  • Decentralised organisation
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Stringent profit and cost control
  • Sales force with extensive technical know-how