Below is a list of people in Indutrade's management, board of directors and auditors who are registered as insiders:

Johnny Alvarsson, President and CEO
Jan Öhman, CFO
Claes Hjalmarson, Director of Acquisitions
Susann Nyberg, Head of Group Finance
Peter Eriksson, President Flow Technology
Joakim Skantze, President Industrial Components
Juha Kujala, President Engineering & Equipment
Göte Mattsson, President Fluids & Mechanical Solutions
Patrik Stolpe, President Measurement & Sensor Technology

Board and Auditors
Fredrik Lundberg, Chairman
Bengt Kjell, vice Chairman
Ulf Lundahl, Director
Annica Bresky, Director
Krister Mellvé, Director
Lars Pettersson, Director
Katarina Martinson, Director 
Michael Bengtsson, Authorized Public Accountant