AGM 2014

Indutrade’s Annual General Meeting was held on 28 April 2014, at IVA’s Conference Center, Grev Turegatan 16, Stockholm.

The AGM resolved on dividends of SEK 7.05 per share. The record date for the dividends were set to 2 May 2014. Dividends are expected to be distributed via Euroclear Sweden on 7 May 2014.

Johnny Alvarsson, Eva Färnstrand, Bengt Kjell, Martin Lindqvist, Fredrik Lundberg, Ulf Lundahl, Krister Mellvé and Lars Pettersson were re-elected as directors. Fredrik Lundberg was re-elected as chairman of the board and Bengt Kjell was re-elected as vice chairman of the board.

The AGM resolved to adopt guidelines for remuneration and other terms of employment of the senior executives, mainly stipulating that remuneration will normally consist of a fixed amount and a variable amount, in line with market terms and based on competence, responsibility and achievement. The resolved guideline gives the possibility to pay cash remuneration for senior executives’ acquisition of shares or share related instruments, amounting to 15 per cent of the fixed salary. Non-monetary benefits and pension benefits for senior executives should correspond to what can be considered to be reasonable according to market practice where the respective executive is active.

The AGM further resolved in accordance with the board of director’s proposal to implement a long-term incentive programme (LTI 2014). LTI 2014 comprise approximately 140 senior executives and other key employees within the Indutrade group who are offered to acquire a maximum of 460,000 warrants that each entitles to subscription for one share in Indutrade. The subscription price of the shares shall be 120 percent of the volume weighted average price of Indutrade’s shares during a measurement period concurrent with the participants’ acquisition of the warrants.

In order to implement LTI 2014, the AGM resolved on a directed issue of warrants with deviation from the shareholders’ preferential rights to a wholly owned subsidiary of Indutrade. To enable participation for additional participants and those who are unable to participate when the programme begins, no more than 460 000 and no more than 150 000 warrants, respectively, are issued in two series. The AGM resolved to transfer no more than 460 000 warrants in total to the participants on the terms and conditions that apply for the programme. Leftover warrants will be cancelled.