Since the Nordic region is a relatively small market for global players, they usually decide to operate through technology sales companies rather than setting up their own sales organisations. For Indutrade, this means that our major competitors are mainly other technology sales companies.

Family-owned technology sales companies

The market is fragmented and mainly comprises a large number of small, family-owned technology sales companies. Family-run businesses often resemble Indutrade companies in terms of structure. They normally represent one or more manufacturers and confine their focus to a limited number of niches.

A few major players

There are also a few major players that are similar to Indutrade, as well as manufacturers that conduct sales through their own sales organisations. In some markets, Indutrade competes with the subsidiaries of other major players. However, these companies have limited operations in our market niches. Competition from these players is more pronounced when identifying potential acquisitions.

Wholesalers in the Nordic market

There are also a number of wholesalers in the Nordic market that distribute mainly volume products. These players market a broad range of products with a generally lower level of technical advice and customer adaptation. The competitive advantage of wholesalers is mainly a broad range of products, logistics and low price.

Since we primarily operate in high-tech product niches with demands for sound knowledge of customer processes, competition from these companies is limited to a minor proportion of our sales.