Driving forces and environment

Due to global macro trends, such as population growth, longer life, climate change and energy shortages, our customers are continuously renewing and streamlining their manufacturing processes. Indutrade is an important partner, and we support our customers in this stage of their development.

Population growth and a growing middle class

The world’s population is expected to reach almost nine billion by 2050, according to UN estimates. At the same time, industrialisation in developing countries is leading to rising income levels and, thus, a growing middle class. The market balance is also changing as emerging markets represent an increasing share of the global economy. The overall effect is rising demand for both capital and consumables.

Limited resources

Total world resources are scarce and commodity prices are showing an upward trend. Demand for sustainable growth and green manufacturing methods is also growing. Meanwhile, the population growth, a rapidly growing middle class and increased purchasing power means that more people are consuming more and more products. Companies and manufacturers have to increase their productivity and work more energy-efficiently to meet this growing demand from the population.

Ageing population

We are living longer, which mainly leads to growing needs in the healthcare sector. The demand for new medications and medical devices for a growing and aging population must be met.


Globalisation has led to increased international trade and a distribution of both goods and expertise. Consumers and businesses expect access to the latest products and newest technologies.

Sustainable development

Increased international trade has historically entailed that the place of production has increasingly been shifted from where products are consumed. However, increased environmental awareness and demands for sustainable development are now leading to growing consumer requests for locally produced goods.