Driving forces and environment

Global macro trends such as climate change, demographic changes, globalisation, digitalisation and rapid technological development present our customers with a steady progression of new challenges.

Conducting active business intelligence in which the salient trends are identified, monitored and analysed is crucial for Indutrade in its ability to make wellgrounded decisions and conduct longterm sustainable business. While global trends pose challenges, they also represent major business opportunities. Indutrade is an international group that is active in markets in more than 30 countries on four continents. Markets outside the Nordic countries have had strong development and have increased in importance. Many of Indutrade’s companies sell and produce components and products that are exported globally.

Population growth and a growing middle class are leading to rising demand for capital – as well as consumer goods, at Driving forces and business environment Population growth Urbanisation Ageing population Globalisation Sustainable development Digitalisation Growing middle class Scarcity of resources Macro trends the same time that the need for healthcare is rising as people are living longer. Migration in large parts of the world is creating a need for infrastructure investment. Greater uncertainty in the world is giving rise to higher demand for security solutions. Limited natural resources are leading to greater demands for more efficient use of resources, recycling of material, and conservation of energy in industry. Climate change is leading to demands for greater use of renewable energy sources and a sustainable transport sector, with improved fuel economy and lower carbon emissions. This growing environmental awareness, coupled with demands for long-term sustainable development, is resulting in greater demand among consumers for locally produced goods. Awareness about climate change and the environment is also influencing where industrial production is localised around the world.

Indutrade offers components, systems and services that improve our customers’ ability to manage the challenges presented by a changing world. Our growth strategy is focused on sectors with high demands for efficiency and thus a high degree of automation. Priority is given to products that help industries measure, regulate, control, automate and improve the efficiency of their processes, and products that support industries in meeting environmental standards and their energy needs. With Indutrade’s help, customers can conduct their business in a more energy-efficient and environment-friendly manner.