Working at Indutrade

We have more than 6,000 employees spread across over 200 companies. Our employees share a true entrepreneurial spirit, technical excellence and a strong customer focus. Local presence and decentralisation are key elements of our corporate culture, enabling us to make effective decisions in close cooperation with customers.

Our companies

Being part of the Indutrade Group means that companies retain their original identity, including their name, culture and management. The responsibilities of all companies are clearly decentralised in terms of profitability and growth. This promotes flexibility and an entrepreneurial spirit. The prerequisites for this are talented employees who are personally driven to take responsibility.

Our employees

Working at an Indutrade company involves both freedom and responsibility. Our companies vary in size and usually comprise 15-40 employees, most of whom are sales engineers or technicians.

Our employees have deep technical expertise in niche areas, and solve problems in close cooperation with customers. The aim is to be highly sensitive to the preferences and requirements of customers and suppliers.

Professional development

Our subsidiaries are often focused on solving customer problems. Our employees therefore require a high level of both business and technical expertise. As a result, the Group works with continuous professional development in technology, sales and leadership. We also believe that sharing ideas and experiences informally between companies is invaluable for increasing business and technical skills.


By virtue of our decentralised organisation, all recruitment is done by the individual subsidiaries. We have no centrally steered human resources, marketing or purchasing functions. In the Parent Company we work primarily with business development, acquisitions, financing, governance and analysis.

If you are interested in working at Indutrade, please contact any of our Business Area presidents.