Creating value for customers and suppliers

Problem solving for demanding customers

Our companies offer a wide range of technically advanced products and solutions within selected niches. These products are important for customer production processes, and designed to meet exacting demands on quality, durability and temperature resistance. A large proportion of the products are high-tech and meet recurring customer needs. Our companies strive to establish a collaborative partnership with customers and they contribute to problem solving in the early stages of planning and development. This adds more value in customer relationships.

Sales organisation with a high level of technical expertise

Our product and service offering caters to both end users and OEM customers (customers that integrate Indutrade’s products into their proprietary products). The products are high-tech, and the services incorporate a high level of service and qualified technical advice. Our sales staff are highly specialised in their respective niches and have sound knowledge of customer production processes. As a result, Indutrade attaches great importance to continuing professional development. This creates value for both customers and suppliers.

Long-term partnerships with leading suppliers

Indutrade prioritises suppliers with proprietary product development that deliver market-leading, high-tech products of superior quality. A partnership with us will prove the most profitable way for suppliers to sell their products in the geographic markets in which we operate. A range of market-leading products from the best suppliers, combined with our technological and market expertise, also makes us an attractive business partner for existing and potential customers.