Champika Waidyaratne, Assistant Manager Human Resources at Flintec Transducers, Sri Lanka

Champika works at Flintec in Sri Lanka, which has grown from 40 to 800 employees since the company was founded in 1992. She has developed professionally in pace with the company’s expansion. She was employed as a personal assistant in the 1990s, but continued to educate herself and gradually received more responsibility. She is now the company’s Deputy HR Director. 

We asked Champika to tell us more about her work, and how she thinks Flintec has been affected by being part of Indutrade.

Where do you come from, and what brought you to Flintec?

I grew up on the west coast of Sri Lanka in a suburb of Negombo, which is famous for its sandy beaches and thriving fishing industry. After college studies in Colombo, I was employed as an HR Assistant at a company that cuts and polishes diamonds and gemstones. I enjoyed working with HR and took training programs in the HR area. I was then offered a job at Flintec as a personal assistant, and have now been working there for 18 years. I have learned a lot at Flintec over the years, both through work and through HR training programs, such as motivation, rewards, development and salaries.

Could you tell us about your company?

Flintec is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic measurement technology, with ten subsidiaries in countries including the US, Brazil, the UK, Sweden, Germany, France, India, China and Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is the home of Flintec’s manufacturing processes, and 800 people are employed in two modern facilities. One of them, Katanyake, is located near the capital city of Colombo. The other, Koggola, is close to Galle in the southern part of the island.

“I am very happy about how Flintec has given me a stable career and lots of new experience. I am part of a great team in a friendly work environment.”

Could you tell us more about your role at Flintec?

My role includes leading our department towards the company’s set objectives, ensuring that we use our resources efficiently and seeing that everything works as it should in all of the department’s business areas.

My work is challenging, but also interesting and rewarding. I’ve had a lot of responsibility since my very first day at Flintec. The company has really grown since I started, which has led to a lot of changes and new issues. In contrast to when I started, there is now a complete HR department with managers, assistants, a receptionist, nurses, gardeners, drivers and kitchen staff.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The best part about my job is the flat organisational structure, and that we work in a high-tech industry.

We always work as a team to achieve our goals. One example of teamwork that I am proud of is when we worked together to reduce the high rate of absence due to illness. By introducing and spreading knowledge about our new policy, we reduced our absence due to illness from 10% to under 5%.

Has your company changed since it was acquired by Indutrade?

Our company was acquired by Indutrade in 2008 and I would say that we are more or less the same company today as before the acquisition.

Has your personal working situation changed since the acquisition?

No, my job situation has not changed.