Hans van Nimwegen, Controller, KIN Pompentechniek, the Netherlands

Hans van Nimwegen began taking evening classes in accounting during his military service. He continued when he later was employed as a warehouse worker. He is now Controller at the Dutch company KIN Pompentechniek, which sells pumps for horticulture, pools, sewage treatment and machinery.           

We met Hans van Nimwegen to ask him about his job, and how Indutrade’s acquisition has affected him.

Could you tell us about your role at KIN Pompentechniek?

My main tasks are related to bookkeeping. I record purchase invoices, fill our business intelligence system with relevant figures, value the inventory and handle commission expenses for subcontractors.

I also spend time evaluating new customers and their creditworthiness, as well as being responsible for customer follow-ups together with the sales department.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The best thing about my job is my colleagues and the diversity of my tasks. I do lots of different things, which keeps me motivated and alert.

Has your company changed since it was acquired by Indutrade?

The duties for me and our CEO have changed significantly. But for everyone else at the company, they probably haven’t noticed any changes. For me, the acquisition has changed our financial reporting process. For the CEO, his responsibility for sales has disappeared, but his overall responsibility for the company has increased. Before the acquisition, our previous owner was involved in all of the important decision-making, but our Management Team takes care of that now.

Has your personal job situation changed since the acquisition?

Yes, the financial reporting process has changed a lot. Everything is in English and the terminology was difficult at first. Compiling the financial statements goes faster and things that used to take two months, only take two weeks now. Indutrade is more concentrated on the larger items, so there are significantly fewer control accounts now. We used to have about 70 accounts to keep track of – now there are only six or seven.

Being part of Indutrade is also widening our perspective and we can access the financial information for other companies in Indutrade’s Benelux Group, which I find really interesting.