Stefan Edman,               Purchaser, G A Lindberg ChemTech, Stockholm

Stefan Edman has worked with purchasing at G A Lindberg ChemTech for 25 years. Despite so many years at the company, no two days are alike. Customers are always asking new questions and there is always something new to learn about the products. 

We met Stefan to ask him more about his role at G A Lindberg ChemTech.

Where do you come from, and what brought you to G A Lindberg?

I grew up in Stockholm and worked with transport management in the transport industry during the 1980s. I started working at G A Lindberg ChemTech in 1989.

Could you tell us about the company?

G A Lindberg consists of three technology sales companies — ChemTech, Processteknik and SealTech – all owned by Indutrade. I work at G A Lindberg ChemTech, which sells industrial lubricants, adhesives and sealants. We don’t produce anything ourselves, we purchase goods in Europe and resell them in Sweden.

G A Lindberg was founded in 1944 towards the end of the second world war when Europe lay in ruins. Our founder bought mechanical fasteners and then resold them in Sweden and Europe, which needed to be rebuild. Although we sell chemical products now, we have continued to buy and resell in the same spirit.

Could you tell us a about your role at G A Lindberg?

I purchase goods from countries like Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. We have about 65 suppliers across Europe that reach about 10,000 chemical-product customers through ChemTech and its distributors.

I also run a secondary line in G A Lindberg that offers a distribution solution for selected customers in the Nordic region. More specifically, we serve as a hub for suppliers’ products, which we then redistribute to Nordic customers. The time I spent in the transport industry – where I learnt about transporting hazardous goods – has been very useful in this assignment.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The best thing about my job, by far, is the contact with customers and suppliers. New customers ask new questions and after 25 years, you’d think I would have heard them all, but apparently not. No two customer situations are alike, so I am constantly meeting new challenges.

Is the company different now from before it was acquired by Indutrade?

I, personally, don’t have any experience from the time before Indutrade. But from what I understand, the management style when we were on our own was “top-down.” Today, G A Lindberg is a very flat and open organisation, and everyone is pretty much free to construct their own daily routines.