New date for 2010 Annual General Meeting

The Board of Directors of Indutrade AB has decided to change the date of the 2010 Annual General Meeting, from 29 April 2010 to 24 May 2010.

Background: At the end of 2005, a share-based incentive programme was established in co-operation with the former parent company, AB Industrivärden. The programme's purpose was to promote long-term participation and involvement of senior executives in the Group's development. The programme expires on 30 June 2010. Indutrade's board is currently evaluating the opportunities for a new incentive programme for senior executives of the Group, with the intention of presenting this to the 2010 AGM for a decision. The strongly decentralised and profitability-oriented structure of the Group makes it important to promote senior executives' involvement and long-term participation in the Group's profitability and development. The Board's evaluation work is still in progress, and in order to be able to produce decision-making documentation for the incentive programme, the Board has decided to move the date of the 2010 AGM from 29 April to 24 May 2010. A notice of the Annual General Meeting will be published some time around 21 April 2010. Stockholm, 26 March 2010 Indutrade AB (publ)