Indutrade recruits new Head of Acquisitions and Business Development

Jonas Halvord has been named as new Head of Acquisitions and Business Development at Indutrade AB. He will assume his position on 8 January 2018 and will report to Bo Annvik, President and CEO, and will be a member of the Group Management.

Jonas has a long record of experience in company acquisitions in an international environment from a similar role in the SKF Group. Indutrade’s current Head of Acquisitions and Business Development, Claes Hjalmarson, will continue working with acquisitions and business development. The change is part of a structured succession process. 

“The recruitment of Jonas is a testimony to Indutrade’s attractiveness as a company,” comments Bo Annvik. “He will fit well into our company culture and will be a great asset in connection with our ambitious acquisition agenda going forward.”

“I am looking forward to this chance to contribute to Indutrade’s continued successful development through implementation of a focused acquisition strategy,” comments Jonas Halvord.

Bo Annvik adds: “Even though Claes Hjalmarson will continue his work with acquisitions at Indutrade, I want to take advantage of this opportunity to thank him for the great job he has done for the company through the years, where he has been responsible for over a hundred acquisitions and made a strong contribution to our attractiveness as an owner.”

Stockholm, 25 October 2017