Indutrade increases target for EBITA margin

In its annual strategic review, the Board of Directors of Indutrade AB decided to increase the target for the EBITA margin for the Indutrade Group to a minimum of 12% (previously 10%) per year over a business cycle.  

Financial targets

Sales growth

  • Average sales growth shall amount to a minimum of 10% per year over a business cycle. Growth is to be achieved organically as well as through acquisitions.

EBITA margin (updated)

  • The EBITA margin shall amount to a minimum of 12% per year (previously 10%) over a business cycle.

Return on operating capital

  • Return on operating capital shall be a minimum of 20% per year on average over a business cycle.

Net debt/equity ratio

  • The net debt/equity ratio shall normally not exceed 100%.

Dividend payout ratio

  • The dividend payout ratio shall range from 30% to 60% of net profit.

Bo Annvik, President and CEO of Indutrade, comments:

“Indutrade’s strategy remains firm, and we have a solid foundation for continued long-term and competitive value creation. Our decentralised business model promotes an entrepreneurial spirit in which strong leaders develop and drive the companies toward continuous improvement. Our financial targets are ambitious and reflect my conviction that our work will result in continued, sustainable profitable growth.”

The new financial target takes effect on 8 November 2018.


For further information, please contact:       

Bo Annvik, President and CEO

Tel: +46 8 703 03 00

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