Environmental responsibility

Continuous improvements through environmental work

The objective is to continuously reduce the operation’s environmental impact through systematic improvements throughout the entire chain. This includes trying to use energy and natural resources more efficiently, promoting systems for the reuse and recycling of materials and energy, and preventing and limiting environmental pollution.

Environmental requirements and expectations

The aim is to be highly sensitive to the preferences and requirements of customers and suppliers, and thus meet the market’s environmental requirements.

The Group strives for transparency when reporting both achievements and challenges in the environmental area. Although the share of Group companies with their own manufacturing processes has increased, Indutrade’s core business today comprises technology sales and distribution. This means that Indutrade’s environmental impact is limited and mainly derives from the transportation of finished products, business travel and waste management.

Ten of our Swedish subsidiaries conduct activities that require a permit under the Swedish Environmental Code. Three of our foreign subsidiaries conduct activities with equivalent permit or reporting requirements.

Systematic environmental work

Our goal is that the water and energy consumption of our products will decrease. Waste is to be handled in a safe and efficient manner.

Some of our subsidiaries hold ISO 14001 certification. Certification processes are conducted on the basis of customer or supplier requirements. Subsidiaries that are not certified also conduct systematic environmental work to achieve continuous improvements. Environmental targets are to be measurable, and both targets and plans are to be monitored within the framework of each subsidiary.

The results of environmental monitoring are presented in Indutrade's Annual Report.