Best working place in Norway

Relekta Group, a Norwegian technology sales company, was acquired by Indutrade in April 2015 to strengthen the Group's position in the construction, repair and maintenance market. Relekta's business concept resolves around extending the useful life of customers' existing products, and the company works actively on developing and increasing the share of products that create long-term environmental and health benefits for customers.

Relekta has worked for several years to be one of the most highly certified companies in the Nordic region in quality and the environment. Indutrade's ownership strengthens Relekta in its ambition to offer customers improved safety and profitability over the long term by, among other things, being a step ahead of a market that is making ever-greater demands in the environmental area.

The company's core philosophy is that a solid and long-term owner like Indutrade creates the right conditions for a well-run company that has the capacity to develop and focus on sustainability, such as the environment and collaboration with business partners. Indutrade's new Code of Conduct serves as an important foundation for the owner's values, both in connection with acquisition process and as a springboard for a long-term relationship and future growth plans.

"With Indutrade as owner we are assured a long-term focus and stability for Relekta's development going forward. More importantly, Indutrade's ownership philosophy allows us to preserve our special culture, which has played a key role in Relekta's success and also made us the best working place in Norway (Number 1 in Great Place to work 2016). We have ambitious future plans and will continue to grow organically and through acquisitions - both here in Norway and throughout the Nordic region - together with Indutrade and their network".

Olle Petter Andersen, President of Relekta Group