Our policy for Social Responsibility


Indutrade’s business is based on long-standing and strong relationships with customers and suppliers, but also with the communities in which our companies operate. Our companies contribute to local development through a long-term presence and profitable operations that are strengthened and further developed by Indutrade.

Employee motivation and the desire to achieve positive results, and to interact with our business partners and the world at large, are critical to our success. Our business must be based on ethical business practices and respect for all individuals, both within and outside the company.

Ethics and diversity are crucial

Good business ethics and clear values are central to maintaining market and stakeholder confidence. We aim to reflect our customers and markets in the composition of our companies. Diversity is key to maintaining the competitiveness and dynamics of our organization. Indutrade is, and will continue to be, an attractive employer.

Indutrade operates by the following principles:

  • Interaction between the company and employees
    We aim to always act in a manner whereby the company’s interests will not conflict with those of an individual employee. Should a conflict of interest or uncertainty regarding a certain issue arise, the matter will be immediately referred to the superior manager or, alternatively, to the Chairman of the Board of the respective company.
  • Compliance with laws and social protection agreements
    We respect and comply with employee rights under national laws and social protection agreements. The right of employees to organize in any trade union and to bargain collectively is to be respected. We condemn child labour and all forms of forced labour.
  • Promote diversity
    We offer our employees the same opportunities regardless of age, color, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or ethnic origin.
  • Do not tolerate discrimination
    We do not accept discrimination or harassment.
  • Workplace health and safety
    We offer a safe and healthy workplace, and maintain a systematic improvement approach.

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