Long-term solutions and customer relationships

Gustaf Fagerberg AB, which offers the largest assortment of valves and instruments for the Swedish process industry, has been part of the Indutrade Group since 2001. Its employees' expertise and ability to offer advice on where, how and which products should be used in various processes is a central part of the offering. Gustaf Fagerberg AB and Indutrade's shared values have been instrumental in the company's success, where long-term solutions and customer relationships play a key role in the business model.

The company appreciates how Indutrade has entrusted it to develop and uphold its own, successful business culture and unique business model. Indutrade's strength is its conviction that smart business decisions are made by individuals who work most closely with the business. Indutrade has been a vital force behind the company's development through the valuable support it provides on management and business issues. The individual and the company as drivers of change are also focal points in Indutrade's newly adopted Code of Conduct. At the same time, the people at Gustaf Fagerberg AB appreciate the long-term focus, expertise and network of a stable owner that puts a premium on continuous development.

"Embracing a long-term approach requires courage - to dare look beyond short-term rewards. Courage is also needed in our business relationships - to dare question customers and their proposed solutions. Finally, courage is needed to stand behind your offering and justify the price you charge. We want our customers and partners to know that we care. Indutrade's values and its new Code of Conduct go hand-in-hand with our own values surrounding professionalism, cooperation and long-termism. At Fagerberg we live and grow according to these values, both as company and as individuals".

Peter Fredriksson, President of Gustaf Fagerberg AB