Right temperature - Right amount of energy


Pentronic can help customers across a range of sectors to increase their productivity and efficiency by using extremely accurate measurements to allow a more exact supply of energy in their processes. In an increasingly resource-conscious world, Pentronic optimizes both environmental values and costs for its customers.

From waste to energy

Gärstadsverket is one of two CHP plants that contribute to the continued growth of Linköping by generating electricity and heat from waste. The plant’s four boilers convert 420,000 metric tons of waste annually to district heating. Maximum benefits are achieved through accurate temperature measurement and calibration, which optimizes the extraction of energy from the fuel supply.

Efficiency today is 95%, and emissions are low. This high degree of efficiency has been achieved by measuring temperatures accurately and thereby optimizing the operations. NOX emissions have also been minimized by ensuring that combustion always takes place at temperatures above 1000° C.

Pentronic supplies temperature sensors as well as knowledge and training to ensure that the potential of its equipment is optimized.

Double power and lower emissions

Engineers in the automotive industry have created internal combustion engines that no one could have imagined some 20-30 years ago. Modern engines generate twice the amount of power from the same amount of fuel and cause much less pollution. Engines can be even more efficient by measuring temperatures accurately.

Today, Pentronic partners with the automotive industry and in addition to the performance parameters of oil temperature, cooling water temperature and exhaust gas temperature, a huge number of other engine parameters are also monitored now, including the temperature of moving parts in an engine. These refined measurements enable further enhancement of engine performance.

Many opportunities

Temperature sensors that can measure with precision and accuracy have many socially beneficial applications. They help thermally sensitive industries, such as food and pharmaceuticals, to maintain high safety, hygiene and reliability throughout the various phases of their production processes. Pentronic provides equipment and knowledge that creates conditions for efficient and safe operation.