Share of sales 20%
Share of EBITA 21%
Per-Olow Jansson
Senior Vice President Process, Energy & Water
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Flow Technology

Companies in this business area offer components and systems for controlling, measuring, monitoring and regulating flows. The business area includes companies that specialise in various areas of industrial flow technology.

Customers are in the process industry, food and pharmaceutical industries, water/wastewater, energy and marine industries. Product areas include valves, pipes and pipe systems, measurement technology, pumps, hydraulics and industrial equipment.

The business area has a strong market position especially in Sweden, but also in the Northern Europe.

Results 2022

  2022 2021 Change, %
Net sales SEK million 5,407 4,301 26
EBITA SEK million 882
668 32
EBITA margin, % 16.3 15.5  
Return on operating capital, % 31 29  
Average number of employees 1,201 1,126  

Net sales 2022