Long record of experience in acquisitions

Indutrade has a long record of experience in company acquisitions. It is a natural component of our operations and fundamental to our strategy for growth.

We maintain a high rate of acquisition, typically acquiring several companies each year. These acquisitions have accounted for a large share of Indutrade's sales growth. Future growth is also expected to be achieved in part through company acquisitions. Indutrade is a long-term owner, and the companies, once acquired, are not subject to further sale. The acquisition strategy is based on a two-pronged approach:

  1. Acquiring niche technology companies. 
  2. Acquiring international niche companies with own manufacturing or proprietary products and strong market positions.

Good conditions for value-creating acquisitions

The goal is to acquire companies each year with net sales exceeding SEK 30 million each. Through a network of customers, suppliers, market actors and advisors Indutrade has good leads to potential acquisition candidates in the market. Due to the fragmented market structure, access to acquisition candidates is good. By virtue of its strong acquisition history, its size and its good reputation, Indutrade has the experience and conditions needed to carry out value-creating acquisitions.

What kind of companies do we acquire?

Our business philosophy builds upon entrepreneurship, decentralisation and profitable growth. The companies we acquire must:

  • Be run by entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business concept and want to continue running the company after the acquisition
  • Be stable and profitable
  • Have a leading position in a market niche
  • Have a long-term sustainable business model
  • Share our values and culture

Well structured acquisition process

The pre-acquisition process might sometimes last for several years, during which time we meet managers and employees frequently to ensure that they are an “Indutrade company”. We strive to, as early as possible during the acquisition process, discuss our decentralised governance model and fundamental values with the seller.

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Our acquisition process is flexible and predictable, which has given us the opportunity to carry out a number of company acquisitions with certain advisors. Indutrade has a well-developed network of corporate advisors.

Acquisition process

Governance process

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Are you interested in selling your company, or do you want to know more about how we work? Please contact Jonas Halvord, Gustav Ruda eller Daniel Hätty.

From the left: Daniel Hätty, Jonas Halvord, Gustav Ruda.

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Being a part of Indutrade

To get the best understanding of how we work and what it means to be a part of Indutrade, you can read these stories of some of the entrepreneurs who have sold their companies to us.

Acquisition log

Here you will find a list of the companies that have been acquired by Indutrade or started within the Group since 1981.