Enhancing technology together for profitable growth

Indutrade is an international technology and industrial group that develop and acquire companies that are characterised by high technical expertise and an ability to build enduring, close relationships with customers and suppliers.

We are growing steadily through acquisitions of well managed and profitable companies. Our business philosophy is based on entrepreneurship and decentralised leadership. This is key to our success and have been so ever since the start in 1978. Today, we operate through more than 200 subsidiaries with some 9,100 employees in more than 30 countries, on six continents.

Our strong corporate culture, focusing on the people, permeates all our work and our vision: an entrepreneurial world where people make the difference.


For us, people are most important of all – our employees are the key to the Group’s future success. We strive to derive the greatest value and benefits from our talented employees by sharing and spreading best practice throughout the Group.


We have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and are passionate about the business. We are also determinedly committed to continuously driving, developing and improving the business.


We are a decentralised organisation with a strong local presence. We believe that the best decisions are made locally, by those who are closest to the customer.

Long-term perspective

We focus on profitability and our definition of success is achieving sustainable profitability and growth that benefits individuals, companies and society at large.

Indutrade has a long-term commitment to ensuring that people and companies can grow. We contribute to our own development and that of society at large by giving more people and companies the chance to become part of a business world driven by entrepreneurial spirit.

Bo Annvik
President and CEO

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Since our start in 1978, our philosophy has been to run a decentralised organisation, in which operational responsibility is delegated to each individual subsidiary.

Objectives & Strategy

Indutrade strives for a favorable risk diversification and continuous growth in selected geographic markets, product categories and market niches. Growth is to take place both organically and through acquisitions.


Indutrade has a long record of experience in company acquisitions. It is a natural component of our operations and fundamental to our strategy for growth.

People & Career

We have more than 8,100 employees spread across over 200 companies. Our employees share a true entrepreneurial spirit, technical excellence and a strong customer focus.

Corporate Governance

Indutrade applies to the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance ("the Code") since 1 July 2006. The Code is a component of self-regulation in Swedish industry.