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Indutrade was established in 1978 and since then, it has evolved into a group of over 200 companies. During these years we have gained great experience in working with company acquisitions and talented entrepreneurs.

There are many different types of companies working with corporate acquisitions. We do not consider ourselves being one in the crowd, but what sets us apart is the fact that we focus on understanding the people and culture of each company we acquire. To us, every acquisition is unique and the beginning of a long-term relationship.

We want the owners to remain in the company after the acquisition. We care a great deal about the company culture, and we keep the company name. We have a clear focus on management by objectives, working with a few carefully selected financial targets. Responsibility for performance is delegated to the company’s MD, which creates the right type of commitment. Furthermore, customers, suppliers and employees tend to all appreciate having responsibilities and authority delegated in this way.



– with a passion for business


– built on trust


– built on sustainable profitable growth


– our employees are the key to the Group’s future success

Which companies do we acquire?

To ensure that the business is managed in a responsible way, is critical in the evaluation process of every potential acquisition. Other important parameters are:

  • Market positions and technical expertise
  • Environmental impact and ISO certifications
  • Future involvement of key employees

Selling to Indutrade?

Indutrade is a long-term owner that applies a decentralised business model based on clear values. Our company culture guides us from the acquisition phase to how we run, build and develop businesses in a responsible manner. Acquisition is a natural component of Indutrade’s operations and it is fundamental to our strategy for growth. We maintain a high rate of acquisition, typically acquiring several companies each year.

Acquisitions process

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From the left: Daniel Hätty, Jonas Halvord, Gustav Ruda.