Our view on sustainable business

Sustainable business is about managing companies with an eye on the future. We strive to create long-term value and for us, sustainability is a driving force for developing our companies in generating sustainable, profitable growth.

Through active ownership via the Boards of Directors for our companies, we strive to ensure that sustainability aspects have been integrated into their business models and strategies. Managing operations in a responsible way is the key to long-term sustainable growth, development and profitability.

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Sustainability report 

In our Sustainability report we have gathered the goals and strategy as well as our achievements within the sustainability area.


Indutrade has signed the UN's Global Compact sustainability initiative (UNGC), which serves as the framework for our sustainability work. In doing so, we commit ourselves to working with the Global Compact's ten principles for sustainable development in the four areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Sustainability cases within the Indutrade Group

The surrounding world of today makes high demands on responsible and sustainable solutions. There are plenty of good examples of these kind of solutions in the companies within the Indutrade Group. Here you can read about some of them.


Indutrade's Code of Conduct is our policy for sustainable entrepreneurship and it is an important component of our sustainability efforts. It provides guidance for who we aspire to be and how we want to be perceived, and applies for all employees in the Indutrade Group, in all countries.


We also have a Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Partners that can be used by Indutrade subsidiaries in their business relationships with suppliers and partners. Signing the Code of Conduct obligates suppliers and partners to act responsibly when it comes to the environment, working conditions, human rights and ethical entrepreneurship.


Indutrade's good reputation is based on integrity, sound business practice and a transparent business environment. In order to simplify for those who want to provide information about misconduct that violate current legislation, ethics, morals or Indutrade's policies, we use the external actor WhistleB, where you can leave an anonymous report.

Our approach to tax

For us, it is important that tax is paid in the country in which value is created, in due time and in accordance with local tax rules. Our view is that tax is a business cost which, managed correctly and effectively, can help reduce the Group's business risk. The tax policy covers all levies paid to the respective countries' tax authorities and applies for all subsidiaries and employees of the Indutrade Group.

Our sustainability focus

Our materiality analysis is the foundation for our sustainability work. Via stakeholder engagement, by gathering business intelligence and through analyses of our industrial sectors, we have identified our six most significant sustainability issues.

The Hunger Project

Since 2016, Indutrade supports The Hunger Project, a non-profit organisation committed to ending hunger and poverty with a focus on women, through a long-term strategy. The organisation is active globally and implements programmes in 12 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia.