Nomination Committee

Here you will find information about the composition of the Nomination Committee together with its work and proposals for the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

Composition of the Nomination Committee

At the AGM on 6 May 2013, the decision was made in favour of a standing instruction for Indutrade’s nomination committee, which shall apply until further notice. According to this instruction, the Nomination Committee ahead of a forthcoming AGM shall consist of representatives of four of the largest shareholders in terms of votes, plus the Chairman of the Board, who shall also convene the first meeting of the Nomination Committee. The member representing the largest shareholder shall serve as committee chair. The composition of the Nomination Committee ahead of the AGM is to be based on ownership data as per 31 August each year and is to be publicly announced not later than six months prior to the AGM.

The composition of the Nomination Committee ahead of the 2021 AGM was announced on 16 September 2020, based on ownership information as per 31 August 2020.

  • Claes Boustedt, as Chair of the Nomination Committee – L E Lundbergföretagen
  • Dick Bergqvist – AMF and AMF Funds
  • Camilla Wirth – Alecta Pensionsförsäkringar
  • Henrik Didner – Didner & Gerge Funds
  • Katarina Martinson – Chair of Indutrade AB

The work beforE the 2021 AGM

The Nomination Committee held two meetings for which the minutes were taken in preparation for the 2021 AGM. During those meetings, they discussed, among other things, the evaluation of work done by the Board during the year past and the composition of the Board of Directors. The Nomination Committee is tasked with drawing up recommendations to be presented to the AGM for resolutions regarding a person to serve as AGM chairman, the Chairman of the Board and other directors, directors’ fees, the auditor’s fee and election of the auditor, and the principles for the appointment of a new Nomination Committee.

For its diversity policy, the Nomination Committee has applied item 4.1 of the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance, namely, that the board is to have a composition appropriate to the company’s operations, phase of development and other relevant circumstances. The board members elected by the shareholders’ meeting are collectively to exhibit diversity and breadth of qualifications, experience and background. The company is to strive for gender balance on the board. The 2020 AGM resolved in accordance with the Nomination Committee’s proposal.

Based on the results of the Board’s evaluation and the current directors’ availability for re-election – among other things – the Nomination Committee makes an assessment of whether the sitting board meets the requirements that will be made for the Board in view of the Company’s situation and future orientation, or if the composition of expertise and experience needs to be changed.

The Committee's proposals for the 2021 AGM

The Nomination Committee proposes that Katarina Martinson be elected as Chairman of the Board at the 2021 Annual General Meeting. The Committee also proposes the re-election of directors Susanna Campbell, Bengt Kjell, Ulf Lundahl, Krister Mellvé, Lars Pettersson, Anders Jernhall and Bo Annvik.

The Nomination Committee’s proposal entails that the number of directors during the coming mandate period will be unchanged at eight.

Contact the Nomination Committee

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee may do so in writing by e-mail to or by mail to Indutrade’s postal address.