With the support of Indutrade, we have learned to work more efficiently regarding financial and business analyses, allowing us to better plan our cash flow and market activities.

Jindřich Petřík

MD Cheirón

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Indutrade’s philosophy – a crucial selling point

Cheirón, operating within the medical business and based in Pilsen, Czech Republic, joined the Indutrade Group in the autumn of 2020. The acquisition of Cheirón was an excellent addition to Indutrade’s Med-Tech/healthcare cluster, and Cheirón’s Managing Director, Jindřich Petřík, already appreciates the benefits of being part of a strong group.

“Cheirón’s business stands on three pillars”, Jindřich explains. “The first pillar is distribution of medical devices made by leading global manufacturers in the industry. The second pillar focuses on manufacturing of medical equipment, especially electrical surgical suction machines. The third pillar is providing complete qualified services focused on all the medical equipment distributed by our company. The reliable performance of all the medical devices we provide is vital, and our team of specialists has extensive experience in calibration and regular safety check-ups.”

“The Czech market is of course important to us – almost all medical facilities and hospitals in the Czech Republic have been our customers for many years – but we also use a network of specialised distributers, exporting to more than 65 countries worldwide,” Jindřich says.


Increasing importance of sustainability

“Until recently, our approach to the topic of sustainability was a bit pragmatic – we save energy, use ecological materials, pack our products in recycled paper boxes, etc. Now, however, we are analysing and defining new possibilities how to fulfil the sustainability goals. We hope to realise our own photovoltaic power plant, we are increasing the number of hybrid and electric cars in our vehicle fleet, and we are preparing a programme to provide our colleagues with more possibilities for professional growth. We also focus intently on gender balance, and thus three out of Cheirón’s four departments are led by women,” Jindřich says.

Democratization opened possibilities

“After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the democratisation of Eastern Europe, it soon became clear that the hospitals had a shortage of modern and efficient medical devices. We were four friends who saw the business opportunity, and in 1994 we founded Cheirón. As the business grew organically, we gradually widened our portfolio of products and services. After some years, my partners left the company, and I became the sole owner. During this journey of growth, we have always kept a familiar atmosphere in the company and since we rely on long-lasting relationships with our customers, our employees’ commitment and efforts are crucial to our success,” Jindřich says.

Supportive owner

“The medical business is a challenging field. It is strictly regulated and adaptations to new requirements are often costly. When I was approached by Indutrade a few years ago, I had never considered selling the business up to that point. But at a certain time in a company’s development, it is obvious that it might be beneficial to become a part of a bigger, financially strong group, which can offer support and knowledge that can enhance growth and be a strong partner for our suppliers. At this point, it was also clear that none of my five children would continue in this business. For these reasons, I considered Indutrade’s offer to be a rational, reasonable, and stabilising step in Cheirón’s development,” Jindřich says.

At a certain time in a company’s development, it is obvious that it might be beneficial to become a part of a bigger, financially strong group.

“Through other entrepreneurs and companies, I knew that Swedish and other Nordic companies had a good reputation as owners; they have a culture of trust in the existing management and they respect and support you to grow and become better. This certainly played a role in my decision to sell to Indutrade. Indutrade’s philosophy of decentralised management and significant autonomy for the companies in the Group was also crucial to me. Indutrade also owns Biameditek, a Polish company in the same industry as Cheirón, whose managing director I know and who familiarised me with Indutrade’s company culture, as well as with his own personal positive management experience from the point of view of a company owned by Indutrade.”

Promises fulfilled

“We have not been a part of the group for long, but I can already say that Indutrade has kept its promises; everything we agreed on has been fulfilled. With the support of Indutrade, we have learned to work more efficiently regarding financial and business analyses, allowing us to better plan our cash flow and market activities. Another benefit is business cooperation with our sister company Biameditek. Furthermore, we now have a deeper understanding of the emphasis on sustainability, and we have gradually incorporated sustainability goals into our business plans. With Indutrade as our owner, I can rest assured there is a stable and solid foundation to build the future for Cheirón’s employees, customers, and suppliers,” says Jindřich.

“Since Cheirón has only been part of the Indutrade Group for barely two years, I’ve only participated in one of Indutrade’s annual meetings for all the managing directors in the Group. It was an uplifting and inspiring experience to meet other managing directors and to take part in the generous atmosphere. I can see great potential for future collaboration and exchange of experience,” Jindřich says.

Good prospects of succeeding

“Cheirón is currently undergoing a shift to the European Union’s new platform that governs the production and distribution of medical devices in Europe (Medical Device Regulation). The goals emerging from this new directive are of the utmost importance for us. To expand our export activities, we are going to launch a new e-commerce platform for our suction units, intended for our international distributors. In the long term, we aim to further develop our portfolio and become a supplier of complex solutions for hospitals. With Indutrade as our owner, there are better prospects that we will succeed more quickly with our ambitions,” says Jindřich.

Jindřich Petřík

MD Cheirón