Risk and risk management

Indutrade is exposed to a number of risks that could have a more or less significant impact on the Group. The risks are generally defined as factors affecting Indutrade’s ability to achieve set objectives.

Many of the risks described could affect the company both positively and negatively. This means that if the risk has a favourable outcome, or the risk is counteracted by effective risk management, the target fulfilment could be better than expected. Thus, risks also entail opportunities for Indutrade. Some examples are business cycles, customer behaviours and fluctuations in the market price.

At year-end 2019 Indutrade conducted business through more than 200 companies in more than 30 countries on six continents. This diversification of risk along with a large number of customers in a wide range of industries and a large number of suppliers in various technology areas limits the business risks.

Changes in the economy

Changes at the supplier level


Funding risk

Interest rate risk

Changes in global trade regulations

Compliance with trade regulations

Currency risk

Sustainability governance

Acquisition process

IT incidents