Dividend policy

Here you will find information about Indutrade's dividend policy.


The Board’s goal is to provide the shareholders an attractive dividend yield and high dividend growth. The goal is that over time, the dividend shall range from 30% to 50% of net profit (the prior target was 30% to 60% of net profit) .

During the last five-year period, of Indutrade’s aggregate profit after tax, totalling SEK 5,711 million, dividends of SEK 2,315 million were paid to the shareholders (including the proposed dividend for the year), which corresponds to a dividend payout ratio of 41%.


The Board of Directors proposes a dividend of SEK 4.75 (4.50) per share for 2019, corresponding to a total amount of SEK 574 million. The proposed dividend is in line with Indutrade's dividend policy to distribute 30% to 50% (previously 60%) of net profit.

The dividend will be paid to shareholders who on the record date, 8 May 2020 are registered in the shareholder register. Payment of the dividend was made via Euroclear Sweden on 13 May 2020.