Share of sales 7%
Share of EBITA 6%
Marcus Rüedin
Senior Vice President DACH


This business area includes companies that offer custom-manufactured niche products, design solutions, aftermarket service and assembly, and customisation.

The business area includes companies with a considerable amount of own manufacturing and proprietary products. Customers are in the construction & infrastructure, engineering, healthcare and chemical industries. Product areas include valves, construction material, hydraulic and industrial equipment and valves.

Each of the individual companies has a strong market position in the DACH area (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), and most companies are market leaders in their fields.

Results 2018

  2018 2017 Change, %
Net sales SEK m 1,225 945
EBITA SEK m 126 79 59
EBITA margin, % 10.3 8.4  
Return on operating capital, % 15 14  
Average number of employees 542 391  

Net sales 2018

Net sales per geographic market, %

Net sales per customer segment, %

Net sales per product area, %