Share of sales 12%
Share of EBITA 12%
Göte Mattson
Senior Vice President Fluids & Mechanical Solutions

Fluids & Mechanical Solutions

Companies in this business area offer hydraulic and mechanical components to industries in the Nordic countries, other European countries and North America.

The business area includes companies with a considerable amount of own manufacturing and proprietary products.

Customer segments include construction & infrastructure, auto repair, engineering, water/wastewater and commercial vehicles. Key product areas are filters, hydraulics, tools & transmission, industrial springs, valves, water and wastewater fittings, steel profiles, compressors, folding and movable walls, product labelling and construction plastics.

The business area has a strong market position in the Nordic countries.

Results 2018

  2018 2017 Change, %
Net sales SEK m 1,980 1,859 7
233 12
EBITA margin, % 13.2 12.5  
Return on operating capital, % 19 18  
Average number of employees 681 696  

Net sales 2018

Net sales per geographic market, %

Net sales per customer segment, %

Net sales per product area, %