Share of sales 7%
Share of EBITA 8%
Peter Rowlands
Senior Vice President UK


The companies in this business area offer custom-manufactured niche products, design solutions, aftermarket service and assembly, and customisation.

The companies have a considerable amount of own manufacturing and proprietary products. Customer segments include construction and infrastructure, engineering and commercial vehicles. Examples of product areas are springs, piston rings, press work, valve channels, pipes and pipe systems.

The individual companies all have strong market positions in the UK, and most are market leaders in their respective niches.

Results 2018

  2018 2017 Change, %
Net sales SEK m 1,183 932
EBITA SEK m 175 127 38
EBITA margin, % 14.8 13.6  
Return on operating capital, % 17 15  
Average number of employees 788 731  

Net sales 2018

Net sales per geographic market, %

Net sales per customer segment, %

Net sales per product area, %