Code of Conduct

Indutrade’s Code of Conduct is our policy for sustainable entrepreneurship and it is an important component of our sustainability efforts. It provides guidance for who we aspire to be and how we want to be perceived, and applies for all employees in the Indutrade Group, in all countries.

The Code of Conduct has its starting point in the basic values expressed in the Global Compact’s 10 principles for corporate sustainability, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and other internationally recognised norms. The Code of Conduct lays out guidelines for our daily conduct in a number of important areas, including care for the environment, health and safety, business ethics including anticorruption, employee relations, human rights and community impacts.

The Code of Conduct contains guidelines for environmental considerations, health and safety, business ethics including anti-corruption, employee relations, human rights and social impact. 97% of Indutrade’s companies have implemented the Code of Conduct in their operations.

Every employee contributes to the perception of Indutrade as a Group of reliable and accountable companies that always honor their obligations. Indutrade establishes long-term business relationships as a basis for creating customer and shareholder value. We aim to interact with the environments in which we operate, with our employees, our business partners and society at large.

We operate by the following principles:

  • Legal compliance – Our work abides with applicable laws in the countries in which we operate.
  • Ethical business practices – Our goal is to operate in an ethical manner and we shall conduct legally sound business practices in all respects.
  • Meaningful stakeholder dialogue – We aim to conduct our operations through meaningful dialogue with our employees, our business partners and with other stakeholders who affect, and are affected by, our operations.
  • Employee responsibility – Our employees are to comply with Indutrade's principles and to take responsibility both for their own behaviour and Indutrade's products and services.

Employees who notice any deviations from the Code of Conduct or suspect improprieties can report such via an external whistleblower function (anonymously, if they so prefer). The whistleblower function is also open to subsidiaries’ suppliers, partners and subcontractors. Read more about whistleblowing here.

Responsibilities and organisation

The Code of Conduct has been adopted by the Board of Directors and it is available to all our employees, for example via our communications platform, Indutrade Portal. It has also been translated from Swedish into several other languages.

The President and CEO of Indutrade is ultimately responsible for the Code of Conduct, while ongoing responsibility for compliance and monitoring rests with the President of each subsidiary.


A Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Partners was implemented in 2019. The Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Partners can be used by Indutrade subsidiaries in their business relationships with suppliers and partners. Signing the Code of Conduct obligates suppliers and partners to act responsibly when it comes to the environment, working conditions, human rights and ethical entrepreneurship.

A significant portion of Indutrade’s impact on the environment and surrounding world occurs in the supply chains of our subsidiaries. A large portion of Indutrade’s subsidiaries do not have any own production. The products that they sell are manufactured in countries where the working conditions, environmental regulations and business ethics (including anti-corruption) may vary. It is therefore crucial that we work with our suppliers and partners as a way of contributing to sustainable development. 81% of Indutrade’s companies had fully or partially included third parties to be covered by the Code of Conduct. 

It is every employee's responsibility – mine and yours – to know the Code of Conduct and abide by it in our daily work.

Bo Annvik
President and CEO