Objectives & Strategy

The Indutrade Group strives for continuous growth in selected geographic markets, product areas and niches with well-balanced business risk. Growth is to be achieved organically as well as through acquisitions.

Financial targets and target achievement

Sales growth

EBITA margin

Return on capital employed

Net debt/equity ratio

Dividend payout ratio

The Group's overall goal is to generate sustainable profitable growth.

Strategic direction

Indutrade’s overall strategic direction is to capture the organic growth potential that exists in our companies and increase our ability to make more successful acquisitions. The starting point for it all is our business model: developing and acquiring successful companies managed by passionate entrepreneurs.

Strategic focus areas

People development


Decarbonisation as a business opportunity

Professional ownership


Progress in 2023

Acquisition strategies

Growth via acquisition of stable, profitable and entrepreneur-driven technology and industrial companies has always been a key component of Indutrade's business model. The acquisition strategy has been successful and is continuously developed to ensure long-term, sustainable value creation.


Organic growth potential

Geographic expansion

Gradual increase in acquisition capabilities

Structured lead generation

Differentiated pricing model