Do you want to sell your company?

Indutrade has an opportunistic approach to acquisitions. We acquire successful, well-managed companies with clearly defined markets and distinct offerings.

Appealing for many entrepreneurs who are considering selling their companies, is the fact that we are long-term owners, with the objective to develop the companies we acquire, and that we do not have an exit strategy. In combination with a decentralised structure, where responsibility for results and performance is delegated to each individual subsidiary, we offer an attractive opportunity for potential sellers.


When a company joins the Indutrade Group, it maintains its original identity, while gaining access to the cumulative experience and knowledge that exists within the Group and also contributes to valuable knowledge sharing.


We put high requirements on the companies we acquire. They are successful and well-managed, run by entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business concept, who want to further develop their company and who share our values on sustainable entrepreneurship.

Decentralised responsibility

We believe that the responsibility to act should always be at the level in the organisation where the consequences of decisions can best be judged. This means that acquired companies are given free reins to continue doing business as previously and keep their management, culture and names. Our overarching management model is distinguished by clear financial targets, information-sharing and decentralised responsibility. We have proven that this model works since our start in 1978.

Entrepreneurial spirit is kept

Indutrade's decentralised structure with a high degree of self-determination for companies even after their acquisition is a key factor for retaining key people in acquired companies. These individuals are often entrepreneurs who are essential for developing the business, for relationships with customers and suppliers, and also for the individual company’s culture and way of working.

What we offer

Business as usual

Our decentralised organisation enables companies to make their own decisions, thereby giving them freedom and flexibility. The best business decisions are made when there is close contact with customers based on their specific needs and processes.

Professional Board of Directors

We appoint an active, engaged Board of Directors that supports the executive management team and serves as a sounding board. Through our combined competence, experience and structure, conditions are created for continued development of the companies.


Indutrade supports its subsidiaries by providing industrial and technical expertise, business development, financing and management by objectives. We also offer support in many areas, including competence development, digitalisation and sustainability.

Financial strength

The Group’s financial strength creates stability and facilitates expansion of the subsidiaries. As a stable owner, we take responsibility for the longevity of our subsidiaries.


We share experiences, knowledge and best practice through network meetings, trainings and Indutrade Portal (our internal communications platform). The challenges and solutions relevant to one company are often also relevant to another. Knowledge sharing and informal networking thus encourages exchange of ideas and experiences between companies.

Competence development

We hold network meetings and have a digital communications portal called Indutrade Portal, both of which facilitate knowledge-sharing and informal networking to exchange ideas and experiences between companies.

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Being a part of Indutrade

To get the best understanding of how we work and what it means to be a part of Indutrade, you can read these stories of some of the entrepreneurs who have sold their companies to us.


Indutrade has a long record of experience in company acquisitions. It is a natural component of our operations and fundamental to our strategy for growth.