Share of sales 11%
Share of EBITA 12%
Patrik Stolpe
Senior Vice President Measurement & Sensor Technology

Measurement & Sensor Technology

Companies in this business area sell measurement instruments, measurement systems, sensors, monitor and control technology, and monitoring equipment for various industries.

All of the business area's companies have proprietary products based on advanced technological solutions and own development, design and manufacturing. The customers exist in a variety of areas, such as various types of manufacturing industries like electronics, vehicles and energy.

Companies in this business area work globally and have the entire world as the market for their products, with established production and sales companies on six continents.

Results 2020

  2020 2019 Change, %
Net sales SEK m 2,120 2,259 –6
366 –9
EBITA margin, % 15.8 16.2  
Return on operating capital, % 13 15  
Average number of employees 2,029 2,062  

Net sales 2020